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August 03, 2010


I have to believe that there is a "divide and conquer" conspiracy afoot here against atheists:-) The praise for agnostics is flooding the cyberspace, both from the believer camp as well as agnostics themselves. The believers probably harbor the fond view that they will get to the agnostics some day and the agnostics are patting themselves on the back as the poster boys of "polite atheism." It will come as news to both parties that most atheists ARE agnostics. They don't know whether there is a god or why the universe is the way it is. Until such evidence is presented that they can understand, they are happy to live with that uncertainty. Unlike Richard Dawkins who apparently went about trying to prove that there is no god, most atheists are not losing sleep over the existence or absence of a supreme deity. Until the matter is resolved in its own time or if at all, atheists do not want to waste their time concocting a comforting myth to explain away what they don't understand. Also, they are content without agonizing over life after death, heaven or hell. That's all there is to it. There is no need to slice and dice atheism and agnosticism / atheism lite. Here is a lengthy discussion at 3 Quarks Daily that occurred recently over the smug claims that Ron Rosenbaum, proud agnostic, made in the Slate slamming the arrogant atheists.

Ho hum. One thing to note is that believers have a hard time accepting that atheists are not secretly worshiping some ersatz god while rejecting theirs. For example, they insist that "science" is a religion of the atheists. Or "reason." Or "materialism." Of course, atheists take science, reason and materialism as facts of life and things they understand. But they are not their "religion." Remember, they don't need a god. That's why they are atheists. How hard is that to understand? Also, atheists are a diverse lot - very hard to pin down with a central dogma or articles of faith. But believers and mysterian agnostics continue tirelessly to try and find a common glue of metaphysics for the atheists. Give up folks, there ain't one.

Here is an apt observation about the kind of self satisfied "agnostic" that I am talking about.

'atheists take science, reason and materialism as facts of life and things they understand. But they are not their "religion." Remember, they don't need a god. That's why they are atheists.'

But you need dogma- a sense of THIS is the only way- and science has been twisted into a dogmatic entity by athiests who pathologically need to disprove emotional BS arguments by theists. I should amend that to say myopic and cliquish scientists are also to blame in that they view scientific laws as dogma and go out of their way to discredit anything that disagrees with their views.

Theological noncognitivism is where I'm at. I only address religion in terms of social-secular impact...and there's an endless amount of nonsense to address.

Having said all that, I DO like athiests. They're usually pretty hot. I just can be one.

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