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September 16, 2010


:) The Pope's view point is as narrow and bigoted as the Nazi ideology which emanates from lack of wisdom and knowledge. From his blinkered vision he would be find it inconceivable to believe that virgins could not give birth.

I'm often taken aback when I read the tepid defense of Ratzinger's choice to join the Hitler Youth as "Everybody was doing it."

Such a defense has never been appropriate for morally ambiguous or morally offensive choices.

"Everyone was doing it?" Dude, I'm pretty sure that was not the rationale he offered. It was a dictatorship. It was compulsory. It's easy to say that you would have been one of those White Rose martyrs and gone to your death in defiance rather than compliance, Pierre. But odds are you would not have.

There are indeed cogent arguments to make against the pontificate of Benedict and his statements on the perils of atheism. "Yeah, well that guy was a total Nazi, man" is not one of them.

Is it possible to have a gentically modified future without eugenics?

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