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September 22, 2010


Let's hope Sanjukta and her firm nail these guys. I'd never paid attention to A&F before, but then I'm not the "cool, good-looking" sort of person to whom they market. The big "dude," Jeffries, perfectly suits the cancer of capitalism.

KPFK is in Los Angeles, by the way, North Hollywood, to be precise, but the range of the station very likely includes San Diego.

What is laughable is A&F's claim that the company encourages "“clean, natural, and classic” hairstyles. Corn-row braiding IS a “clean, natural, and classic” look for African American hair types. What is not natural is the chemically straightened hair of many African Americans, which the company apparently finds an acceptable grooming choice.

I didn't know anything about Jeffries before I looked into the background of A&F for this post. I would classify him as an A class creep. How much plastic surgery is involved in making a sixty one year old "dude" look that casually "classic?" (The Salon article is a few years old. He must be 64 or 65 now)

I have linked the post on my Facebook. Someone left the following link to a video spoof.

By the way, Sanjukta is a one-woman firm. Her co-counsel in the case, Lisa Holder may be from a larger firm. I am not sure. I think today they were on a local TV station in San Diego.

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