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November 20, 2010


Now I'm torn between wanting to read the book, or tearing it apart, as you have done. Based on all the reviews, synopses, extracts, blogs, etc. I'm starting to sniff a plagiarism/'overdose of inspiration' controversy of sorts, a blended mixture of "No Onions Nor Garlic" (Srividya Natarajan, Brahmin)," Untouchables" (Narendra Jadhav, Dalit), "Midnight's Children" (Salman Rushdie, Apostate).

...the only just punishment for a Bengali male has been a Bengali female...

Happy to note that in my case, at least one Bengali man was spared.
Definitely not reading; unless... it wins the Booker :-)

From reading Narayan's review I decided (much against his advice) that I should by a copy of the now discounted (at by 29%) hardcover edition just to send it as a gift to another classmate of mine who loves to throw lousy books across his huge living room when his long suffering spouse is watching Indian TV shows (they call them serials) that he utterly despises. Just picturing that happening to Manu Joseph's tome is priceless!!

What fun to watch the book being tossed for just the equivalent of eight dollars (Rs. 354)!!

"Throwable" books? Now there is an idea! Will yield very lively reviews I am sure, the kind that Narayan specializes in :-)

All right, that is indeed a smashing idea (pun intended). Reminds me of what Jawaharlal Nehru said when Dr. Sampurnanand 's huge and voluminous English to Hindi dictionary was presented to him. After reading a few pages of the volume, he said, "a work of this magnitude should not be cast away lightly, it ought to be flung away with great force!", tossing it hard across his office.

Are you kidding me? Read the book as a whole, take a holistic approach instead of tearing it apart word by word. You started off reading the book with a prejudice in your mind, and each page just added to it till you exploded in..rage? If a book elicits such response from you, maybe you need to examine your life and pinpoint the root of your unhappiness. But ofcourse, for every successful author, there are many detractors. Just like someone filed a case in Kerala against Arundhati Roy for obscenity in Small Things, you are bitching and moaning here. Don't take the Brahmin in his book literally, and don't make it personal.

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