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December 22, 2010


tx. the "correct" term today btw is "hominin." i forget why, has something to do with taxonomic clarity/precision. i just type wut they tell me ;0)

It's the physicist in me calling everything else stamp-collection, but I find the *history* of precisely how human populations evolved only somewhat more interesting than understanding how different types of elephants evolved. Who gives a f$#% what the taxonomy is? It had to be something, no? It's the "function" or lack thereof that seems to matter - if five percent of Melanasian genes are found in no other human populations, the details of that 5% (what if anything those genes do and so forth) seem interesting to me. But news stories tend to omit function and dwell on the trees. To me it's like watching explorers discover alien spacecraft, and then spending all their time telling square, purple spacecraft apart from red spiral ones, instead of understanding how the damn things work.

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