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January 04, 2011


Thanks Sujatha for the links and the news of Suchitra Mitra's death. Her beautiful voice and crystal clear diction (the lyrics are a huge part of Rabindrasangeet) have charmed millions of Bengalis over the years, and now also you. As it happens, my last trip to India included a short hop to Kolkata from where I returned with a few Rabindrasangeet CDs. I am now listening to them while driving. One is of Kanika Banerjee's most popular (and best) songs and one other, love songs by several top singers, including Mitra. I had looked around for a CD of Suchitra Mitra's collection also. But in her case, my favorite songs by her were distributed over several different CDs and no one package was satisfactory. By the way, who is the third of the Trinity you allude to? I can think of several singers, including men. Whom did you have in mind?

The third was supposed to be Debabrata ('George-da') Biswas. If you click on the accusations of politicking link, there's a write-up about him, along with the (admittedly oblique) complaint that he has been shortchanged by Suchitra and Kanika in the Rabindrasangeet establishment.

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