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February 14, 2011


I would beware of assuming that even the technically savvy youth who used FB and Twitter to help spread are without exception secularized. Social media can be a double edged sword that allows fundamentalists of all stripes to twist it to their own advantage. For all we know, most of those in the streets are people of all views ranging from extremely religious to irreligious, but all united in their disgust against a common enemy. The demographics were truly amazing- I saw as many grey-hairs as I did youthful faces in the crowds, chanting their slogans. That's when I knew Mubarak was toast.
In any case, the shut down of the internet and cell phone service came too late for the Mubarak regime- the protesters had reverted to old technology- word of mouth and photocopied flyers to get the word out. To paraphrase one protester, had the internet not been shut down, the armchair warriors might have sat in their chairs rather than taking to the streets.
I wonder if the earlier 'defiant last speech' wasn't a ruse to allow Mubarak some more time to make arrangements and skedaddle from Cairo. It seemed like too dramatically a short turnaround.

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