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March 21, 2011


it's an outrage that you didn't win. an outrage! my favorite blog definitely deserved the top prize. i'm demaning a recount. (i'm both completely biased in your favor and completely objective, so i'm quite sure that i'm being reasonable about this.)

Where have you been Matt? Haven't seen you in ages and ages! But you came back at exactly the right moment to cheer me up. Thanks. Not that I am particularly crestfallen by my ignominious loss:-)

i'm always reading, i'm just a terrible comment person. i earn demerits, many of them. i hope you're doing well ruchira, i've missed our communications.

I know, Matt. Start talking whenever you feel like. As you know, I suffer from at least a mild "case of incipient verbal diarrhea" as mentioned in the hilarious legal deposition that Dean has linked to in the Xerox post. I will always respond to you.

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