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March 29, 2011


"Too weak / incompetent to fail."

Interesting logic and probably true.
Omar, I followed your point-counterpoint argument as to why Pakistan in your analysis, is neither like the Weimar Republic nor likely to fail any time soon. I hope you are right. But do explain what this means:

... prone to flying off on a self-generated hot air pocket even when the situation does not encourage such optimism.

I can make a wild guess what this may be but I want you to tell me.

Meaning they start believing their own propaganda after a while. Thus the attack on Kashmir in 1965 was not an impossible project (the Pakistani army was qualitatively superior thanks to US aid) but the way it was actually launched was born of grossly overestimating their own superiority.
Then in 1971 senior officers seriously believed that the US 7th fleet would rescue them.
Then in Kargil, they thought once they have the heights, India will never be able to do anything about it (in that case, they underestimated the willingness of the Indian army to sacrifice soldiers on a near-suicidal mission).
And so on...

Thanks. That's what I thought.

The US is no longer going to be the bulwark of explicit and implicit support for "hot air" jumps involving India. Pakistan may lean on China to fill the gap. But if I were a Pakistani general, I would not rely on China for any sustained support for hot airing or hot dogging. China is extremely wary of fundamentalist Islamic sentiments taking a firm foothold in its western regions. And it eyes Pakistan as the most likely fountainhead from where such influence may originate. I don't think China will support any upheaval in the region which may strengthen the hands of the Islamists and that includes a rash war with India.

Extremely felt bad of this.One has to fight with opponent if u have real strengths and courage to get into the battle field.These pakistan people are dogs for the biscuits of Americans or Chinese.Anyhow with this blog,got a great information about the real nature of pakistanis.Thanks for the real fact known to all.
Good work :)

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