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March 23, 2011


Thanks, Dean. This is fascinating even for someone like me, one with a musical tin ear. Saw the trailer and the publicity pages. I hope Steve Elkins ((love the elk logo) reaches the audience he is hoping to connect with.

I am going to link your post and the direct link to the trailer on my Facebook and ask others to share. Unmusical though I am, Elkins' premise of where we hear music, struck a chord of recognition. In fact I had a lengthy conversation with you on this when we first met in the virtual world. I am currently reading V.S. Ramachandran's (the neuroscientist) The Tell-Tale Brain. Ramachandran muses at length over how the human brain interprets art and artifact. He focuses more on visual art. I think Elkins too is exploring a similar premise here - what sometimes resonates in our brain as "music" may indeed surprise us. Best of luck to your friend. Keep us posted on how the film is received.

The Jon Rose vs. Tchaikovsky excerpt was pretty intriguing in its subversion of the original piece. I would have loved to hear all the sotto voces from the orchestra as Jon twisted his part of the score into a strange yet surprisingly coherent 'piece within a piece'.
The fence music was something else, like a ghostly out of the world sound, too random to be human, but it was, of course, a deliberate randomness.

This looks (and sounds) like an amazing film. Thanks for the pointer.

The film sounds FRESH -- I will definitely check it out. I myself once tried to sell a piece to LA Magazine about Nels Cline, which they foolishly rejected. He is a great guitarist, and has his foot in the world of big-time rock without abandoning the world of experimental music where he lives.

Andrew, you know that we accept pieces that are "foolishly rejected" by major magazines. And sometimes they do well here if we can sell it properly :-)

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