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March 22, 2011


Hollywood has skewed our understanding of how--and where--the justice system operates. For every Al Pacino righteously ranting at a packed courtroom, there are dozens of depositions not depicted where the real drama ensues. In addition to this marvelous story about what the meaning of "photocopier" is, there are plenty of doozies out there. Take this famous one from Texas. (Warning: strong language.)

Dean, can you ever "post" something here on your own other than to always be reactive to my posts and e-mails? That was hilarious and you as usual buried it in the comments section. And the language is par for the course for us Texans.

Ruchira, In a word, no. Put another way, neither you nor anybody else wants to know the free floating free association that rambles and drones in my brain most of the time. Spelled out in a post it would be another "case of incipient verbal diarrhea."

I often encounter material to which I have reactions and I ponder crafting a related post, but as I've lamented in the past, I find creating a blog post inordinately time-consuming. And things are just crazy lately.

Okay, don't need to know the "drones" of association in your brain. But to address the second point, as this particular post illustrates, a blog post does not always have to be inordinately time-consuming, nor be a "case of incipient verbal diarrhea."

I'm working on one now. Been meaning to post it for some time.

An email from the administration here arrived a few minutes ago. It begins, "Copier training for faculty and staff on the new Xerox copy/print/scan machines has been scheduled for..." It takes discipline not to reply, "What's a copier?"

Hilarious deposition video. Any idea what the vintage is?

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