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April 10, 2011



My sister and I spent many a scary hour telling each other blood curdling stories and then not being able to sleep. Oh, the fun we had!

When you have a kid of your own who is trying to scare the night monsters away, try getting her a dreamcatcher and telling her that it will catch the bad dreams. It worked for mine. Did it really catch the bad dreams? There's nothing like the power of suggestion, although it seems to have worked in the opposite direction for Li'l Sis in the post on Hyperbole and a Half. She didn't get scared because she probably thought all the characters in her brother's story were Happy Monsters.

I'd like to stay and chat, but I have to see my shrink!

You are correct, Joe. Two kids. Sebastian is now five years, his sister eighteen days. I'll give it a couple years before this happens, but I know something of the kind will happen, although the vectors of gender and age may very well invert, with baby sister scaring the crap out of big brother. He is scared by creatures living in the closet, but his fears don't seem to be consuming. He just wants some assurances that the creatures won't harm him. I've b.s.'d enough around the house for him to know that I'm joking most of the time. Still, he seems truly unsettled by the eerie guttural drawl I emit from time to time (think death metal vocalists). Our fearless little burrito makes her own odd chirps, hiccups, and ratchet noises all night long, ugly milky gurgles and sudden speedy eruptions of's all very weird, and perfectly normal, so says the pediatrician. Last night I'd had enough of it, so I joined Sebastian in his bed.

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