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April 21, 2011



Thank you, again, for keeping others informed of facts, critical thinking, and ideas. Overall, I am not encouraged about prospects for peace in that part of the world. In fact, I find it terrifying that the eventual detonation of a nuclear weapon is more than a possibility.

Norman, sadly, I agree with you, no matter what the well wishers on both sides may want. Pakistan is in a dangerous spiral. Whether it can pull back from the abyss is anybody's guess. The article that inspired Omar's link is on 3QD. See the comments, mine included, there.

And Omar, you did not respond to a question I directed toward you on 3QD. What percentage of Indians do you think are hard line Hindu fascists?

India is a country of non violence and peace but pakistan sucks the blood of people not only India but also in the whole world. If their government will take strict action against then definitely some vast changes will take place in the world.

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