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May 19, 2011


There is nothing special about the U of Texas making a computer schizophrenic. I have had several of them that were schizo all on their own. The last one was a dual processor Opteron. Maybe it would recognize 8GB RAM, maybe it would recognize only 2 GB. Sometimes it would find the MBR, if it felt like it. Occasionally, it would become disoriented and not know where some drivers were. I had to medicate it with Linux OS which made it more stable and coherent, but medication does not solve all problems. I am not sure it is a genetic problem passed down through its evolving technology, or if it is an interaction between the genetics and crappy MS Windows software.

"Scientists Afflict Computers with Schizophrenia to Better Understand the Human Brain," or "Man Bites Dog"?

Best line from the story: "It's an important mechanism to be able to ignore things," says Grasemann. You can say that again!

Pssst, Norman: Are you sure that it isn't a virus that might have afflicted the original pre-Linux system? You should have vaccinated rather than being scared off by the 'mercury' claims ;)

Dean: Try telling your wife that, I've a feeling that you may end up sleeping in the doghouse.

Sujatha: Dean and I had a conversation earlier today regarding "men behaving badly" (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Schwarzenegger, Berlusconi et al being the latest high profile perpetrators). Dean might earn a night in the doghouse if I tell his wife about his "ho-hum" response to that.

I read about the free wheeling planets this morning. Will wait to see what they turn out to be in the end.

Wonderful gathering, Sujatha! As satisfying as three lollipop sticks fallen on the pavement just so. Ruchira, please write a post about men behaving badly. You could just instruct the men around here not to read it.

Elatia, I have no special insight on this matter. But I may collect a few relevant links to what others are saying. I been wondering if I am at some level still naive. Why am I still outraged or even surprised when another sordid tale about another powerful man comes to light?


Actually, my system did have a major virus. It is called the Windows Operating System. December 2009 I bought a new laptop with Win 7 from Gateway. Guess what I got during the first month or two? The BSD (Blue Screen of Death). I could not believe it. I agree with something Steve Jobs said a number of years ago. "I don't mind that Bill Gates makes a lot of money. I just wish he did not have to do it by selling third-rate software."

Do men behave badly in ways that are worse, better, different, the same, more, less, whatever compared to women? Just asking.

Re Arnold: What was he thin..... Never mind.

What was Arnold thinking? Perhaps he wasn't thinking at all. Or like every other power drunk idiot, he was thinking that he wouldn't get caught.

Norman: It's funny how one man's poison is another's medicine. I used to get BSODs until I switched to Windows 7. When it starts to give trouble (crossing my fingers here), I will switch to Linux, I guess :-)

Elatia: I hope these lollipops weren't too ancient or unwrapped. Your words brought to mind a battle I had the other day persuading a preschooler to discard her half-licked lollipop. She was very insistent on wiping it clean with a tissue and putting it back in her mouth, but luckily the tissue stuck to it and she promptly threw it away.

Ruchira: Arnold was thinking, just with the wrong part of his anatomy.

Well, as Queen Victoria opined as she listened, incredulously, to someone explaining Lesbians to her -- "A woman would simply never do such a thing!"

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