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May 03, 2011


Omar, I am assuming that GHQ stands for General Head Quarters, the usual acronym, and not some special force in the Pakistani Armed Forces.

I cannot quite make out how you relate Professor Hoodbhoy's article with the conclusion that Pakistani government / military may not have known about OBL's presence within Pakistan. Hoodbhoy even suggests that Musharraf's regime built the "compound" for him to keep him as a "golden goose" hostage.

I was giving my impression, sorry about the sloppy writing that gives the impression Hoodbhoy said this. I will try to correct it once I get some time..

Omar's guess sounds plausible to me. If GHQ was involved, tey would have probably made better arrangements with escape routes and what not. Moreover, it is difficult to believe that OBL would have trusted such an establishment.

...and I thought only the US could generate conspiracy theories.

Scientific American interview:

Norman, Which part looks like a conspiracy theory? just curious.

Omar, it was more a humorous comment in response to some speculation. When it comes to conspiracy theories, we do it better than anyone else - bigger, bolder, and more bizarre.

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