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June 19, 2011


I had once heard a corporate type in India boast that when one wants to sell questionable products, the trick is to charm the wives and beguile the children. That was many years ago and I think it pertained to bribes to obtain operating licenses. But this is the same tactic. What next? Submarine trips around deep water oil derricks; miniature dyno-mining sets, glow-in-the-dark radioactive lollipops, "clean" coal in Christmas stockings; crumbling iceberg viewing cruises at the arctics. The possibilities are endless.

Actually, the coolest thing would be to show how the tap water catches on fire, just as it does in the film Gasland. That would be enough to win the plaudits of the Tom Sawyer age group, at the very least.
Or disaster tourism : See the wildlife before the fracking operations drive them all away. Or farmland converted into Walmarts/Targets to cater to the population explosion that follows as the industry puts down its roots in dwindling communities. There is growing vociferous opposition here in SW PA to the fracking industry's practices, but with nil political will on the part of Governor Tom Corbett (brought to you courtesy of the natural gas, coal mining and healthcare industries), or rather too much gratitude on his part to his biggest funders, it's the small people and general population who lose out.

RIP Fracosaurus:

"The Fracosaurus is now extinct.

Talisman Terry, the "friendly Fracosaurus" star of a coloring book published by Talisman Energy, will no longer be around to explain the natural gas drilling process to youngsters. The Canadian company announced plans Thursday to stop distribution of the controversial children's book."

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