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June 13, 2011


With women in power, the abuses tend to take a different form, just not (or very rarely) sex scandals. Women's abuse of power shows up in different forms: financial shenanigans, nepotism and favoritism. I think women who have struggled up into the ranks of the powerful are too self-aware of the unequal treatment of males and females in power to risk anything more than hush-hush discreet liaisons. It doesn't mean that they won't occur, just that they are less likely to be flamboyant enough about it to elicit more than minor rumors or whispers in the media.
Plus, the media (dominated as it is by men), is more likely to happily re-render the tale of the straying husband and wronged wife and 'other woman' for the umpteenth time. It definitely sells more copy than a tale with the genders reversed.

I agree. Powerful women are also likely to abuse their positions although some studies in well known corrupt countries like India have shown that women tend to figure in lower numbers among bribe takers but not in nepotism. The above two in fact constitute more heinous behavior on the part of public officials than sexual missteps. The problem though is that the media love sex scandals far more than financial irregularities and bad policies which actually impact our public institutions far more negatively than the personal sleaziness of politicans. But who's listening? And since men are the more likely culprits in that arena, they cause more distractions from the actual work of running the state.

I said distraction, right? A novel explanation for Weiner's behavior - he may be a secret Muslim!

An Imam defending Weiner's behavior. Hmmm....maybe the crazies aren't so crazy after all.

Well, I just looked at the NYT. Michelle Bachmann has announced her presidential intentions. Except for her hair, her make-up, her outfits and her mind-set, she's quite sexually appropriate, no? I believe we should stop inquiring too deeply into these matters. Remember the summer of 2001 was the summer of "Gary Condom" and (the late) Chandra Levy? Come September, look what happened. Somebody, somewhere, with a really well-screwed-on head and an animus against our nation understands that we can be mightily defocused by the tawdriest things. I'd like to stop helping that person out. Even so, Ruchira is too penetrating not to read.

Elatia, I remember that well. And that is why I am just sick of these men who equate their elected positions as a permit to screw around, and the media that chase them. As for Ms Bachmann, she is being praised by the pundits for her "surprising grasp of national affairs" and political savvy. If we can't have Sarah P. on the GOP ticket, please let it be Michelle B.

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