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July 13, 2011


I am still going to India next week - to Delhi, Ladakh and Srinagar:-)

But my own travels aside, this is horrible. Let us wait to see whose hand is behind this dastardly act.

Are you really waiting with baited breath to find out who's behind it? Or are you just saying that, but in fact 99% sure which conglomeration of domestic and foreign groups financed and carried it out?

I listened to some commentary on the matter. It is suggested that multiple car bombs are more like domestic operators, and unlike the character of the 2008 Mumbai attack.

Of course, there is much to be discovered in this atrocity. Ruchira, my thoughts will be with you and your family during your trip.

TamBram: I have my own biases in this matter given recent precendence. However, I will wait until I hear more to make a definitive declaration.

Ruchira, I admire you for concluding nothing until there is superb evidence. I wish your trip were any other time, however.

An interesting article on why the terror in Mumbai doesn't spread fear around the rest of the country:

Mumbai: Explosions shake India's financial hub
the worst thing ever happen to india.......

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