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August 19, 2011



It took me about 5 minutes of "eating my own head" before I figured out your post. I scared myself thinking I might have "samosadetitis." I almost had my own "passing out ceremony" on my kitchen floor.

For you, Ruchira, remember the 'monkey cap' that you mentioned to me in an email.

Hope you are getting over the jet lag, I still have some, despite having been back for almost a week from the GMT time zone.

Oh, Norman! I thought the concise post was very easy to figure out. Thank god, your "passing out ceremony" was not "pre-poned" by my negligent presumptions :-)

Hi Sujatha, I have been miraculously free of jet lag this time. I was tired all of Tuesday after getting home around 11am at the end of a 26 hour journey. But I have been up and about since early Wednesday morning without passing out (in the American sense). Perhaps I am speaking to soon. The across-the-world India to US jet lag can creep up any time, even after a week. So may be that was not so "goodly spoken."

The Monkey Cap raises its ugly head again. But why not? We've had fun with it before and a cold fearing Bengali is endlessly amusing.

What to do, we are like that only:) The East-to-West jetlag usually hits after a few days or a week. Jetlagged jetlag, I'm sure. It will knock you out when you least expect it.

Welcome back! I missed you so. I am anxious for the full photo-blog experience, too. Meanwhile, what a wonderful post!

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