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September 12, 2011


@ Omar:

"We disagree because we inhabit different mental worlds, not just because we have different information about a particular event." I feel like I'm being repetitive, but I always learn from your observations and respect your perspectives on world matters.

I think this is your best observation in your post: "Let the Chinese police Afghanistan and get their Dari-speaking special forces killed while trying to provide security for Shenyang mining corporation number 9. They, and not the US, are likely to be the main beneficiaries of any successful imposition of the neoliberal world order in that region."

Excellent essay.

Great post, Omar. I inhabit more or less the same Bayesian world as you regarding the 9/11 event and what led to the current mess in the Af-Pak region. I also agree that it is time the US got out of there; it can do no good but it can do some harm. An American exit will surely put China on guard. I doubt that either Russia or India will be foolhardy enough to put their already tired heads into the lion's mouth that Afghanistan has become. In fact, Pakistan may want to clean up its act once the US stops playing the policeman there and the distinction between good and bad jihadists may evaporate.

My own conspiracy theory on 9/11 involves Saudi Arabia. I believe that the plot was financed by the Saudis, perhaps not the govt. directly but some powerful folks close to the ruling family. The US government knows it but will never admit it in order not to disrupt the oil pipeline.

@ Ruchira:

We share the same conspiracy theory. Does that make us conspirators?

Actually, it is not even much of a conspiracy theory. Perhaps we are just "common-sensians." The Bayesian probability in the case of a "Saudi Hand" is really based on solid prior evidence.

Bravo, Omar. I loved the Grand-daddy of all conspiracies that stitches all of them together.
As for the Chinese trucking in their army to provide for protecting their interests, I have a feeling that the Afghanis wouldn't be too happy about that. Maybe that's a reason why the US is continuing to make noises about remaining there, it might very well be what China wants and the US is willing to do their bidding on that issue.

Well Sujatha, you did it! Came up with a conspiracy theory that explains why the US CAN NOT leave Afghanistan - we are paying back the debt to China with forced labor. Omar, be careful around Sujatha :-)

Maybe the Italians can chip in now :)

Since he was 14, my child-friend Alex has been writing a novel set 100 years from now. It's about the frantic efforts of future Americans to pay down the debt to China -- many of us are working around the clock just to keep current with minimum payments. Finally, all the labor there is does not suffice to service the debt, and plans to pay it down are out the window. What can our creditors do? They have no choice but to throw us off our land, especially since their own environment is almost inconceivably degraded, and they have fancied ours for decades. So the ground beneath our feet and the water from our skies are gone from us, as we are forced onto massive slum-boats off-shore. I can now tell Alex that it began in Afghanistan -- as perhaps it shall have done.

Re: the "Saudi hand," see this:

Thank you, Dean. Remember that I said "common sense" not "conspiracy." When the Lloyd's of London gets involved, there probably is a "hand" and the hand is most likely holding a smoking gun.

Posting this on Facebook for the benefit of conspiracists and non-conspiracists alike.

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