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September 25, 2011


@ Sujatha:

I guess the libel laws in India are very much the same as in the UK. Here in the States just about anything can be said about a public figure, short of malicious intent. Even then, it's relatively easy to defend against libel.

The article isn't really libellous. It's unflattering, but Arindam Chaudhuri probably can't tell the difference, being locked into his own bubble of a world that he created and controls. The others described in the book come off much the same way, some more sympathetic than the others.
Hopefully AC doesn't try to google his name and charlatan in the same line. Then it might bring him to AB.

(Ruchira, you are forewarned.)


I haven't read the book but saw a review recently. As usual, the author was attacked from one side for "libeling" India and received accolades from another for telling things as they are. I am going to check out the review once again.

You seem to have a favorable view of the book and the author's intentions. Let me see if I can lay my hands on a copy. Yes, blowhards like Arindam Chaudhuri who have ridden the rah-rah "India Shining" bandwagon for their own benefit will surely be miffed if their hollow achievements are examined or exposed. Let us see how the courts rule.

Now, we have to worry whether AC googles his own name along with "charlatan" and "blowhard" and unleashes his wrath on AB.

Oh, the forewarning is mostly in jest. I doubt that it will attract as much ire as the original group being sued ;)

I didn't see the book as libeling India (or maybe that was an AC crony at work.) The book seemed a fair enough assessment of different lives, albeit with a lot of 'me' and 'I feel' injected into it. But the author is clear on those occasions, one cannot blame him for a lack of honesty. I didn't discern any particular agenda, others may feel otherwise though.

Well, Paul Rudnick was not pleased by something I said about him here. I believe I said he was horrifyingly funny. He's so much funnier than other people that it leaves you breathless, and you wonder what happened. Whatever I said was a compliment, and I need to write him to say I'm sorry it seemed I didn't adore him. But, you know, people who redefine outrageous can deprive you of the right words. Please think up something about AC, Ruchira! If his people Google, they shall find.

@Elatia: You said something about Paul Rudnick here? When? Must have been at 3 QD.

Yeah, that might be fun to vilify AC here although I know very little about him! One way to drum up traffic - near libelous rants about someone with a fragile ego or a carefully constructed public image in jeopardy.

Here are a couple of articles I wrote a few years back about a former student and his current incarnation which brought veiled threats of legal action... and huge traffic through the google searches of his devotees. Do read.

The Google algorithm has been impeached more loudly by Rick Santorum:

I doubt that AC is going to see any removal of the links that popup with his name and associated terms like 'fraud' or 'charlatan' (Ruchira, we're safe, AB doesn't even show up in the first 4-5 pages when googling 'Arindam Chaudhuri charlatan'.)

The Google algorithm and its evaluation of 'Authoritativeness' also probably explains why Fox News and Politico hijack the headlines on the Google news feed most of the time. But help exists, Google now allows you to customize how many headlines from those kinds of sites you can tolerate, from none to all the time.

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