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September 29, 2011


I think I am one of those inquiring minds.

I thought I knew this joke, and that is stopped at, "...after losing the war." I think it's funnier with, "...what if we win?" It is also more poignant.

The joke is indeed funny and somewhat pathetic, as Norm points out.

Omar, don't you think that Pakistan is now pretty much out of military and diplomatic strategies? Wouldn't a stint at an addiction-rehab center be more appropriate?

A senior Indian journalist's take on the same scenario. (please read in the 'text view' mode)

I'm currently reading Anatol Lieven's 'Pakistan: A Hard Country', still working my way through chapter one of a 500 page tome. So far, nothing that I've read is out of place with the general consensus on where Pakistan is headed, though a tad bit more hopeful (this appears to have come out before the bin Laden 'execution', though).
Pakistan, not only a 'Hard Country' but one between a rock and a hard place.

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