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October 19, 2011


Congrats, Ruchira and A.B. !
Has it been 6 years? Somehow, the past year seems to have moved faster than the year before it. I think the pacing of posts, even if slower than in previous years, may have been just right for me, with all the things that I'm juggling.

I wish I was more disciplined and came here more regularly..but definitely keep it going. Happy 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday! I predict between now and October 19, 2012, the fur will have flown! Torn out in big clumps by writers here! There were times in my life as an artist that I didn't draw very much -- for so many reasons. "I'm NOT idling," I would say to people who knew this. "I'm saving trees." I suppose everyone here could say, "It's not that I'm posting lightly. I'm reducing my carbon footprint." Yes the action has shifted to Facebook, but has the dialogue? The real dialogue? Maybe not -- one writes and thinks very little there except for a few stock phrases. So the salons of the blogosphere have morphed into receiving lines, with their etiolated pleasures; I say, wait it out! Thank you for mentioning me as a faithful reader -- I will be that, though AB moves to the dark side of the moon!

Happy anniversary to AB, Ruchira, and all. At the risk of sounding like some vapid television self-help guru, I think it's okay for a forum like this to experience a degree of anomie and uncertainty. I also continue to believe that the technology itself--the software, the wires, and the blinking lights--contribute their share of difficulty to the process of posting and commenting, never mind whether or not one has a good idea eager to be expressed. It so happens that this will be a topic broached incidentally in an upcoming post. But as usual TypePad is determined to sabotage its premier. Although I saved my draft immediately prior to logging off, the version retained at the host site is an earlier iteration. And weren't there four comments appended to this post just minutes ago, the last a response from Ruchira?

Happy Birthday! My artist neighbor has a bumper sticker that reads, "Stop The Stupids!"


Happy birthday! Keep the blog going. I'll try to blog more often, but between working and childcare I am just slammed.

Elatia, it is always a pleasure to see you here. Your "two cents worth" on any topic is unfailingly more substantive than its face value.

Yes, it is six years and we embark on the seventh. Thanks for sticking around, everyone. Perhaps we will pick up some pace again soon. I don't see the frenetic energy of the first couple of years returning. But a slower and steadier rate of writing isn't impossible, even with the World Wide Web's many other distractions.

(Dean, that comment you saw and then didn't see, wasn't TypePad's mysterious handiwork. I withdrew it for some edits)

Salutations and congratulations on another year. I am glad to see the blog hanging on, as well-- not only for the archived material, but as an oasis of reflection to which to retreat from the blather of facebook, however frequently or infrequently the opportunity offers itself.

Happy birthday!

I actually prefer the reduced output frequency of blogs today. Outside of political blogging which remains minute-by-minute, the pointless navel-gazing and status-updating has essentially migrated to twitter and facebook, leading to meatier posts. I think most blogs I follow these days update no more than a few times a week. I wonder if the length of posts as a loose proxy for weight has increased even as the count has gone down. At the least I expect that it hasn't decreased by as much as post frequency.

Keep on truckin', Ruchira and others! And happy anniversary!

Best wishes from your admirers in the Tyrol!

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