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November 23, 2011


What do you mean statutes of limitations in the U.S. have related effects upon victims of child abuse? I would think that we don't throw people in jail for being raped here, even if an expired statute of limitations prevents prosecution of the rapist.

@ Joe:

Thanks for your comment. It is not a perfect analogy. Child sex abuse is responsible for drug addictions, alcoholism, violence and incarceration. Memories are suppressed for decades. Yet, victims find themselves victimized anew when statutes of limitation of fewer than half-a-dozen years obviate any opportunity for justice and restitution.

Compassion and justice in the case of the Afghan rape victim, and victims of child sex abuse, are beyond the thought processes of those responsible for law and its administration. While the analogy is not perfect, child sex abuse victims are, in effect, thrown in jail by the perpetrators and the legislators who have no heart.

Update on the travesty. The women are in a lose-lose position no matter which way one looks at this scenario. I can understand the caution expressed by Afghan women activists. They know well how their society works.

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