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December 23, 2011


No one is immune it seems, not even the "happy people," from the mean heartedness of ethnic clashes.

I know of Bhutanese Nepalis. Apart from the ethnic differences, there is also the religious divide between the Buddhist Bhutanese and the Hindu Bhutanese, the latter being mostly of Nepalese origin.

For some reason Bhutan seems to be cropping up before me for the last few days. A couple of days ago we watched a very enjoyable movie based in Bhutan; Abbas linked to this story on Facebook this morning (the phallic symbol was featured briefly in the movie also); now you have just posted this.

BTW, the F & S link to your blog post doesn't open.

I was messing around with my blog, the link should be alright now.
The Bhutan connection was something I never suspected, when I talked to the Nepali lady. It struck me as strange, in retrospect, that she sounded not unlike a refugee, which is what led to me googling the details.
The religious divide might account for some animosity, it is probably not purely ethnic, even if largely so.

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