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  • "He who dislikes the cat, was in his former life, a rat."

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December 10, 2011


Actually, I have nothing against rats although I wouldn't like it if I was awakened from sleep by one them nibbling at my toe or ear!

Our language is replete with wrongful connotations of animal behavior. The rat and pig are not the only ones getting a bad rap. Snakes, worms, dogs, skunks, monkeys, donkeys, mules, vultures, vampire bats and so many others have been marked for infamy despite being perfectly wonderful creatures.

The AMRI fire in Kolkata was a horrific case of negligence, poor planning and cowardice.

The motto of the blog is not changing :-)

If my reaction to rats is anything to go by, I wonder if I might have been a cat in a previous life ;)
The language references to other animals are just artifacts of our past, those aren't going to change anytime soon, or even change at all. Unless, rats take over the world after some disaster that wipes out humans, and become the overlords of the planet. Or maybe, that might be the heyday of the cockroaches.
Now I will sit back and wait for the study that proves that cockroaches show empathy towards other cockroaches, as well.

Well, apparently not all of the hospital staff were rats running from the sinking ship.

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