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December 19, 2011


@ Ruchira:

Certainly, you are not strange. But, if you or anyone else at AB were to be labeled a Strange Quark, that would be a good thing.

Is that Abbas' cat Freddie that I spy in the Strange Quark? No wonder you like it!

It was good that your post made it to the finalists, even if it didn't win. Maybe the next time will be the charm.

@ Sujatha:

"...charm." As in Charmed Quark?

3QD's unofficial contest theme song, courtesy of Hawkwind...

@ Dean:


Yes Sujatha, that is an actual photo of Freddy peering over the computer at Abbas.

Maybe the next time will be the charm.

The third prize is called the Charm Quark.

Norm, I hope I am not strange. But as I get older, I am becoming less and less afraid of coming across as strange. That is scary :-)

Hi Ruchira,

I thought of you when I made that logo and knew you'd like it!

Congratulations anyway for making it to the finals and being read by Professor Walt. And he did say he thought ALL the posts were very good and it was hard for him to make the decision.

And thanks for so graciously announcing the winners here.



Thanks for the post to the finalists. I think that will be a kind of charm for the next time! Awesome!

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