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February 04, 2012


@ Prasad:

I am home with flu-like symptoms and can't focus on anything. Being too miserable to do anything else I thought I would take a shot at your theory of nerditude.

I disagree. The development of science and technology in the past two centuries is caused by an acceleration of the creation of nerd energy from nothing. It appears to be a repulsive force that is increasing all the time. Nerd energy, or nerditude, will become, in time, the dominant force in the universe, pushing out all non-nerd energy. Any thing made of non-nerd energy or non-nerd matter will decay at a subatomic level. The logical conclusion to this theory is that, in the end, all will be nerd. Geek is a manifestation of nerd with slightly different properties. Be kind to nerds and geeks. They know and they will outlast everyone else.

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