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February 07, 2012


My response precisely. In fact, I wondered why you'd posted about a photo, but included a print for the image! Examples here and here of (faux-)Japanese prints.

Did you get to hear it sing? It seems to be a wonderful songbird, as well:

for a sample of its singing.

Sujatha, I did hear the bird ( and others like it) sing. That's the reason I called it a songbird even when I did not recognize it. I said that the bird was extremely friendly. I did not mention that after the photography session, it followed me into the house. Hopping behind me, it had nearly reached the kitchen door when I noticed. We gently chased it away and closed the glass door of the back veranda. It would have been traumatic for the robin to get into one of the rooms where it might have felt suddenly trapped.

Dean, when I get back to Houston, I will compress the photos of the Delhi house and send them to you. They are high resolution pics and very large in size. Facebook and TypePad can handle the image sizes but e-mail programs will militate if I try to send them in their current form. Even for A.B. I reduced it somewhat. I am using an ancient laptop here that moves at the rate of molasses. It is adequate for browsing and posting on blogs but not for photo editing.

Ruchira, that's a delicious tidbit about the bird following you into the house. Maybe it has gotten used to handouts from other households and is semi-domesticated rather than completely wild. Or maybe it knew its value as a photoshoot model and wanted suitable baksheesh ;)

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