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April 02, 2012


You really put the camera to work, didn't you? No wonder it took you a while to organize the pictures for posting. Great coverage of the event. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks. I agree, the compact layout of the photos is great.

My photos, in landscape mode, do not show as full size when clicked. The ones in portrait mode do show as large. As a result, the eye cannot appreciate the detail in the smaller landscape pictures. Your landscape photos do show as high resolution when clicked. How do I get mine to retain a higher resolution - at least matching the resolution of the portrait mode - when uploaded?

Also, I took several videos. But, I need to do some editing and then upload them to Vimeo or Youtube. It will take a while. Once I get these up, they will add to the feel of the day that you can only get from a combination of sight and sound. There is a street chorale singing "Amazing Grace," protesters and advocates with sound systems, emergency vehicles with sirens, pushing my way through a crowd on a sidewalk, inside Grand Central Terminal on the way home, and the solemn reading of names of the fallen by family members.

The vast majority of photos are left out of these postings.

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