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April 04, 2012


Ruchira, I found your painting of your son and your two cats as I was looking for a picture to put my poster advertising for piano lessons. I would like to ask your permission to use it for this purpose. I would of course name you as the artist. I love the painting very much and it gives the feeling that I want to express.
I live in a small town in Virginia and as now don't have any piano students. I didn't want to use the painting without your permission.
Yours truly,
Holly Havis

Holly, please go ahead and use the picture. I hope the poster will help you attract students.
Best of luck.

Thank you. I appreciate it very much. It is a very moving painting.

The Armenians were the first people to convert to Christianity as an entire nation, King and all at the same time. King Tiriates announced that Christianity was the official state religion in 301 CE. So, the bond among Armenians is not only their faith, but their historical identity as a people (a nation.) From my limited contact with Armenians, in the US, their identity with their people and their faith is very, very strong.

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