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May 22, 2012


Star wars, so to speak.

George, may the force be with you! A move worthy of Yoda this is.
(sob, sob, I hear a rich home owner crying into their martini, somewhere in Marin County)
And the Lucas Valley estate residents are already on their guard, from a flood of thefts and break-ins. This will of course permit them to more strenuously oppose the proposed low-income housing project.
"Neighborhood Crime Watch Alert!
There have been incidents of vehicle break-in and theft in the Estates and neighboring LVHA neighborhoods. There will be extra Sheriff patrols in our neighborhood effective this week. Please take care to lock up your vehicles and homes, and report any suspicious activity to the Marin County Sheriff."

It's unfortunate for poor, goodhearted George that the land on which he plopped his ranch shares his surname, because the press release makes Lucas's silly movie company seem like a Bay Area Disneyland with its "Lucas"-this and "Skywalker"-that. This is a squabble among a bunch of spoiled kids fighting over expensive toys. How petty can it get? "[W]e now have a subdivision at our doorstep"? "Movies are waiting to be made"?

Eh, I've held a grudge against Lucas since the release of Star Wars. In 1977 I dutifully waited in line expecting great effects, rousing music, and an imaginative story. Nothing of the sort emerged. It was boring from top to bottom. If it illustrates the kind of movie waiting to be made, it'll be worth a much longer wait. Give it another fifty years, George, and focus your energies instead on those PDP approvals.

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