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May 30, 2012


Minority Report, here we come! At least, majorly in the UK, which having the advantage of being small and densely populated, can afford to mount 24/7 surveillance on every corner of the isle without having to spend more than a couple of billion pounds.
I'm sure that's why the drone manufacturers are pushing for major expansion of the US market, since the spaces needing to be covered are way too large for strategically mounted cameras here.

Congratulations on your article being published in CNN Money, Andrew!

Meanwhile, at the V&A, an exhibition of British design between 1948 (when London formerly hosted the Olympics) and 2012 that "reveals how British designers have responded to economic, political and cultural forces that have fundamentally shaped how we live today." Among the featured objects: a 1964 Kodak Brownie Vecta camera.

Thanks guys - yes, a somewhat dystopian picture emerged, in speaking with James Baker, the privacy advocate. He seemed less concerned with the displays of military might for the Olympic, than the relatively garden-variety data mining that the national and local authorities can undertake.

For example, since there are over 10,000 cameras around the country that can automatically read and log your license plate as you drive by, and the government can legally track and log all of your phone and Internet contacts (not the substance of the conversation, but who and the time you called), Baker argues that a very "intimate" portrait of who you are and what you do all day can be whipped out without much trouble, or warning to you.

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