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September 30, 2012


Really! I haven't yet investigated Kleinke's other credentials but what he says about health care is correct. The GOP's well orchestrated misinformation in keeping with their "just say no [to Obama]" policy has made it impossible now for them to offer an alternative to Obamacare - I am saying that as a positive thing. I mean if Obama's insurance company friendly plan is not acceptable to them, what else can they offer? Government funded care? Or just the die quickly plan as ex congressman Alan Grayson had once suspected? Talk of cutting off the nose to spite one's face!

One of the Conservative arguments against Obamacare is that people should be able to buy insurance across state lines. Those critics don't realize that the insurance industry, having crafted a multitude of variations to accommodate an endless (and constantly shifting) number of state requirements, is solidly opposed to that idea. Besides, as far as I can tell the state exchanges feature of PPACA (which nobody is discussing and about which many states remain in denial) is simply exactly that -- the Massachusetts plan across state lines. (The reason for that is simple. Obamacare is mostly a creature of insurance lobbyists working through Washington. Single payer never had a chance.)

(In other news, I'll be listening to see if either candidate has the nerve to bring up Obamacare in Wednesday's debate, and if so, what will be the spin.)

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