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September 03, 2012


A hilarious comment on Paul Ryan's whopper about his sub-three marathon time :-

"You know who can run a marathon in under three hours? A Kenyan. Show me the birth-certificate!"

Paul Krugman sums up why the boast is an apt reflection on Ryan's overall habit of inflating his legislative and philosophical creds.

Have you seen the 'Lyan King' poster yet, Ruchira? Trust someone to come up with an apt analogy for the habitual lying that seems to be Paul Ryan's main qualification for being a VP candidate- his ability to do it shamelessly and endlessly.

The French voiceover of the kitty-vague nouvelle video has the requisite gravitas, but falls short on the superbly-rolled Parisien 'R' that I might have expected! Tant pis :(

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