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October 07, 2012


The hospitals in India may be less well equipped than similar-sized ones in the US, but they make up in heart for what they lack in equipment. Outcomes in the US aren't always optimal, despite the lavish spending on equipment and extensive training. The Indian physicians have learned the art of heuristics and are not afraid to apply it, unlike the average US physician who is afraid to move an inch towards treatment without several confirming tests, MRIs, CTs and what-have-you.

My impression exactly, which is why I tagged the post a study in professional pride.

I don't know Dr. Ashish Jha but Safdarjung is very familiar to me. It was almost the neighborhood hospital where I grew up in New Delhi. In my childhood, it was not the poor / indigent care facility that it has become. It always treated the poor but had an equal share of paying patients. Gradually, as more private hospitals with cleaner and better facilities came up, Safdarjung lost out patients to them. After the prestigious teaching hospital, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences opened its doors almost across the street, Safdarjung became what Dr. Jha describes.

The first comment on the article over at the Health Care Blog left by the physician named M. encapsulates the situation accurately.

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