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Lovely stuff.... U are very talented must say :)

Especially like the woman with the black veil....seems to be saying many things.

Will read through all the posts one by of now just looking at the images and creating my own stories around them.

Ruchira I'm inspired!! you are so improved, you are very original. I'm sure you'll make progress, if you work and make many new drawings. I send you good wishes. :)

Nice work, but why u made a women with one breast. What u wanna show here ? Please dont show your family here.



Color and composition. Color and composition. Wonderful stuff. The most stunning, for me, is the woman in black veil. Nudes, for the most part, do not look directly at us. This way we can indulge in the beauty, the sensuality, the sexiness without feeling self-conscious. The black veiled woman holds your eyes with her own with an intensity. You can indulge for a moment or two in her partially bared body, but you must return to those intense captivating eyes. To indulge any longer, while she watches you, is to be disrespectful. She is very pleased that you find her attractive, but she wants you to know that she alone is in charge of her sexuality. Those eyes. Those eyes, Those eyes.

Love the beach pictures --- and the bird one, of course.


Wonderful, really really wonderful! I don't know which is my favorite, I'll have to study them a bit more. Perhaps the one with the mother and child in the poor neighborhood.......let's see more! Jan

beautiful stuff Ruchira. especially the 'light house' 'street' and 'water carriers'.....
Wish you would continue to paint.... You are far too talented to stop.

really wonderful pictures Ruchira!

Ruchira, these are awesome paintings with striking colors! Very well done. I really liked the "Rain" the "Horseman" , "two women in veils" , your "Portrait" and the "Birds".

thanks for sharing

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